Lynn Meatland has been around for ages. William Laganas, the latest owener/manager, has now been in command for some years and is doing quite a job.

Since Mr. Laganas took over Lynn Meatland, he has received many awards for various categories associated with this business. You can see a dozen or more of the awards hanging over the wall display cases across from the main register.

Originally a butcher shop or meat market, Mr Laganas has added many more things to the menu. At this time, if you want pizza, deli items, meats, sandwiches, chicken pot pies, salads and catering services you can get it all at Lynn Meatland. The quality of all of these things can be judged by the awards won over the years.

Catering has become quite important to Lynn Meatland. Lynn Meatland has actually catered for some stars like Selma Hyak, Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

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